A rare intact British Modernist house has been decorated as if the era never ended

It’s personal expression, not faithfully reproducing an era, that gives a home character,” muses Niki fforde, ushering me inside her restored 1960s home. The concertina door swishes open to reveal an avalanche of colour. A toe-cossetting aubergine carpet clambers up the navy-walled staircase. Acid-yellow upholstery fizzles against mustard walls. Add a peppering of contemporary art and furniture and the odd midcentury find and you have a home that rekindles the iconoclastic spirt of the original without feeling retro.

It was the radical architecture of the house that first appealed to fforde. Designed by Edward Schoolheifer in 1964 the…

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Original article by Serena Fokschaner, The Guardian
Photograph © Suki Dhanda/The Observer

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